Avoid Foods That Are Harmful To Your Teeth. Keep A Healthy Smile

Avoid Foods That Are Harmful To Your Teeth. Keep A Healthy Smile

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Health is one of the biggest concerns of the people. Not in vain, having a nice appearance and a fit body is not only a symbol of beauty, but of health. The doctors do not stop repeating the importance of taking care of us and maintaining a varied and balanced diet. And the same happens with the doctors of the mouth, that is, the dentists, who recommend us to avoid harmful foods for the teeth.

In this way, it is easier to maintain a healthy smile and get our teeth clean and healthy. You want to know more? Do not worry, in this article we are going to tell you everything you need to have a beautiful and healthy smile, in addition to detailing a list of foods that you must eliminate if you want to keep your teeth for a long time.

What are the harmful foods for the teeth?

Here, we detail them:

Coffee or tea

Indeed, coffee is a type of drink that many people consume every morning, in meetings, after eating or simply to relax at any time. However, this drink can cause our teeth to become dirty, as well as generating stress and being one of the risk factors for the appearance of periodontal diseases, that is, the gums.

The same happens with tea, and is that both caffeine and theine are very strong substances that attack our teeth and we lose our teeth whitening first. We also do not tell you to stop drinking coffee or tea every day, but try to brush your teeth when you finish or at least be cautious and if you are a frequent consumer of these drinks pay special attention to your teeth and do a check at your dentist one time every six months.


Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are a type of acidic food that can cause erosion in the enamel of our teeth. By losing the first natural protection against external agents, such as temperature, cold, germs and pathogens, we run the risk of caries appearing in a short period of time.

And we must avoid at all costs that the enamel erosions, as it acts as a protective barrier and stop working as such.

The wine

The wine, especially the variety of red wine contains a substance called tannin that causes stains on our teeth, in addition to increasing the dryness of our mouth. The wine also contains other elements such as grapes, remains of berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries that are naturally present and can cause the appearance of spots and damage our teeth.

The trinkets and jellybeans

Any food that contains sugar is potentially dangerous to our health, especially our teeth. Therefore, we must take special care with jelly beans and sweets , industrial pastries (donuts, croissants, puff pastries and palm trees), candy and any other food that contains a large amount of sugar. You have to think that an excessive exposure of time to sugar can cause irreparable damage to our teeth .

Hard candy also puts teeth at risk, and is that besides overflowing sugar can cause breakage, such as a broken or chipped tooth, because of a bad bite and the solution of this loss is cosmetic dentistry with dental crowns, dental bridges and dental veneers.

Sugary drinks

Before we talked about the importance of avoiding foods that contain high levels of sugar, and the same applies to beverages. Therefore, we must avoid sugary drinks such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, juices and soft drinks that have a lot of sugar. By the way, do not think that because some drinks are Zero or Light and do not have sugar, just the opposite.

Although they do have less levels, the sugary components are present and you should avoid them. In addition, these drinks contain PHOSPHORIC ACID, which literally dissolves the teeth little by little, giving rise to cases of large consumers of these beverages that eventually have teeth worn at the gums level.

As with coffee and tea, we do not intend to stop drinking them. The best way is to remember that you should not abuse them and, if the sugary drinks are your favorites, try to reduce the amount and combine them with natural drinks such as water and natural juices.

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Refined carbohydrates and starches (refined farinaceous)

Certain foods such as bread, chips, pasta and crackers can damage teeth in the same way as sweets and sugar-containing substances. This is due to the starch present in carbohydrates.

Think that many of the starches are made with white flour and they are still simple carbohydrates. In this way and if they remain in our mouth for a long time they would become simple sugars. In addition, bacteria feed on sugar and can cause acids that are the cause of the happy decay of our teeth.

In short, avoid acids, sweets, foods with sugar and all kinds of industrial pastries including candy and sweets. In this way, you will avoid the appearance of periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis, in addition to reducing caries.

Allied food for our teeth

Luckily, there are also foods that are our allies and that help us fight cavities and dental diseases. Unlike foods that are harmful to the teeth, certain foods are benign to our teeth.

For example, fruits and vegetables are foods rich in fiber and help improve the flow of saliva that is considered a natural defense against tooth decay. Saliva is not only good because it eliminates the harmful particles that accumulate between the teeth, but its components minimize the risk of acids when acting against them.

Choose fruits like apples or carrots because they are a natural way to brush your teeth. Obviously, eating an apple is not the same as a good brushing, but eating healthy items such as cheese, milk, milk products and fluoride water are good habits that will help us have healthy and beautiful teeth. In this way, we ensure an eternal smile and that the white of our teeth lasts a long time.

Finally, you should not forget a dental check at your dental clinic or dentist in Dubai, as well as brush your teeth every day at least a couple of times and use mouthwash and floss to ensure a smile ten. That and eliminate the harmful foods for the teeth as much as possible.

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