Never overlook these symptoms of opioid addiction

Never overlook these symptoms of opioid addiction

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An opioid is viewed as a powerful substance that can result in addiction. It includes Semi-synthetic substances such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and heroin.

These drugs are mainly designed for the pain-reducing purpose. Opioids are broadly prescribed by the doctors. Most people use opioids for improving chronic pain; such an approach can be dangerous. The body becomes dependent on drugs with time. The addicts may require a heavy dosage of drugs to get high. Read further to understand the signs of opioid addiction.

What does opioid addiction look like?

A person using opioids for a very long time may increase tolerance. It means that he/she will have to take more doses to experience the wanted effect. Opioid meets directly with our nervous system, which is liable for various body functions, including heartbeat or breathing. Having large doses of opioid can cause a disastrous effect. Such an outcome can even lead to permanent damage or sometimes death. Find a leading rehabilitation center in the town to receive adequate substance addiction therapy.

Opioid addiction signs

The person having an obsession with opioid endures many withdrawal signs. In simple terms, it means that the body of such a person would react with a chain of stressful physical and mental symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms can help a person stop his or her drug abuse for attaining an Opiate addiction treatment from a first-rate rehab center. A change in the person’s behaviour is seen as the most common indication that he/she is suffering from opioid addiction. Below are some behavioural symptoms:

  1. The person is taking the drug dose even after knowing that it is unsafe. The person might use opioids while driving a car or any other motor vehicle.
  2. If the addict is trying to quit drugs but fails to do so.
  3. Another behavioural sign is when the addict tries to borrow or steal money for buying opioids.
  4. Not interacting with friends, family members, and other relatives.

Apart from behavioural changes, there can be several physical signs too that can take place. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Bad hand-eye coordination.
  2. Drowsiness
  3. Poor sleep
  4. Drastic weight loss
  5. Slurring speech

There can be probabilities of psychosocial signs as well, which includes:

  1. Anger
  2. Mood swings
  3. Stress and worry

If the craving for drugs remains uncontrollable, it can be dangerous for the person and the whole family. An eminent rehab center can offer the best opioid addiction treatment.

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