Sexology, Sensuality And Body Values

Sexology, Sensuality And Body Values


Majority of Indians consider sex as a cliché topic to discuss. Sex is an important aspect of an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Our brain releases dopamine which is a chemical responsible for human’s pleasure and his/her unique ability to think and plan. Sexologist in Kolkata state that more than half of the rural population in our country ignores sexual issues they face with their partners. It is strongly advised by them to take sexual problems seriously and consult a doctor about the issues being faced that way, sexually-transmitting diseases can be eradicated, and the individual would be able to enjoy his/her sex life. Here are a few common issues faced by people which can be solved in the early stage: –

  • As boys reach adolescence, their bodies undergo various changes. One of them is hormone changes and growth of sex organs. As this generation is being distracted from too much pornography, it causes various premature issues. It’s completely normal for men going through this period of time but over self-stimulation should be under control.
  • Maximum issues reported to sexologists are nightfall. It is nothing but a man going through voluntary ejaculation of his seminal fluid which is mostly without his initiation. The foremost causes of continuous nightfall are might be from involving into too much pornography which causes the man to have erotic dreams over the night, and this is more common in men who masturbate very less often.
  • In India, teenagers and men in the age category of 30-35 years face this issue. This should be taken seriously and should be communicated to a doctor. Nightfall causes suppressed the production of semen fluid; it weakens kidney, dizziness, insomnia, mental & physical weakness and in worst cases, it reduces the sperm count and causes inability to produce children.
  • This can be controlled by proper diet as avoiding any kind of dairy product would help ease nightfall, and various other food dietary can be followed as suggested by your doctor. An important measure to avoid this problem is staying away from pornography and erotic programmes.

Nightfall is nothing serious unless it is consulted and treated by a doctor. It is not a shame to communicate sexual issues. Few of nightfall causing symptoms are a difficulty while urinating, insomnia, emotional and physical disturbances, heavy sweating during nights uncontrolled ejaculation are some symptoms to be named. If you’re facing any of these, consult a doctor and get yourself treated.

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