The Stages of Alcoholism and Recovery

The Stages of Alcoholism and Recovery


People who often drink alcohol are at a high risk of developing an addiction to alcoholism. Alcohol dependence is a major issue that deteriorates the mental, physical, and financial condition of a person and slowly takes over every part of a person’s life. Let us discuss the stages of alcoholism and recovery measures that can help to ease up the major issues in life caused due to alcohol dependency.

Stages of Alcoholism

  • The Pre-Alcoholism Stage

In the pre-alcoholism stage, a person develops an affinity for liquor consumption. This usually happens when someone is trying to get over mental pressure and uses alcohol as a means of curbing anxiety. This is a potentially harmful thing to do as there are high chances of the person using alcohol as a means of escape from the problems in life. This is one of those stages of alcoholism where the person develops a tolerance for alcohol and it may not seem harmful to them. There is no realization and the person has resorted to drinking as a perfect solution to the stressful situations in life.

  • The  Loss of Control

The person slowly becomes accustomed to drinking alcohol and the tolerance levels have also increased. This is when people around you realize that you are indulging in alcoholism but you do not feel any issue in your body. There is a loss of control over the amounts of alcohol you are consuming and you also begin to hide your drinking patterns from your family and friends. The heavy consumption of alcohol may cause blackouts and you feel wasted after boozing and wasting hours of your day just sleeping. This is when the person involved starts noticing symptoms like; anxiety, nausea, sweatiness, shakiness, etc.

  • The Middle Stage: Deteriorated Emotional Health

Upon reaching this stage, the person develops a strange obsession with alcohol. They become dependent on alcohol for pulling through their days. There is a loss of interest in daily activities, including poor performance in professional life. The intake of alcohol on a regular basis leads to some major health issues, financial loss, and hampered relationships in society. If someone is seeking ways to deal with alcoholism, listening to an alcohol recovery podcast is helpful. 

  • The Final Stage

By the time a person reaches this stage, there a loss of the ability to keep control over their alcohol consumption limits. They cannot pass a day without drinking alcohol and this is one of the major stages of alcoholism, also called “the chronic stage”.

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