Top Tips to Care for Yourself After a Breast Surgery

Top Tips to Care for Yourself After a Breast Surgery


Breast surgery is one of the most sought after procedures worldwide. More and more women with smaller breasts opt for breast surgery to flatter their looks. Nevertheless, there are different forms of breast surgeries, and not all are for cosmetic purposes. There are also various ways to care for yourself as you recover from breast surgery.

What are the common types of breast surgeries?

There are various categories of breast surgeries available. The first type is used for medical emergencies like breast cancer. In most cases, it involves the removal of the infected part. The goal of the procedure is to get rid of the cancerous part and the surrounding tissue. It also involves an Areola Tattoo for women who want to have a permanent areola on their breasts. Other types are;

Breast augmentation- Breast augmentation is a procedure that increases the size of your breasts through implants. It results in an augmented bust line and natural-looking breasts.

Breasts reduction –Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of certain breast tissues to reduce breast size. It results in the right breast size and shapes for a more attractive look. 

Breast lift- Breast lift is almost similar to breast reduction. The procedure involves skin removal to attain the perfect breast size. It lifts sagging breasts in women with heavy breasts.

How can I care for myself after the surgery?

1. Understand all the post-surgical instructions

Although your caregiver will receive all the care instructions, it’s advisable to know what’s expected of you. For instance, know the warning signs of complications and how to handle them. Remember your appointment dates and what to expect during follow-up visits. Also, know your medications and the right dosage.

2. Rest adequately

 In the first few days after the operation, it’s advisable to stay in bed, avoid movement and pop your head up using a pillow. This avoids soreness, making you feel more comfortable. Lie on you back, and remain still to allow your breasts to adjust naturally. It may take up to a month to recover after breast surgery, and you may still feel sore months after. But, if the pain persists or becomes unbearable, talk to your doctor promptly.

3. Avoid strenuous activities

Take sick leave, and expect to have some days off work. Avoid sudden movements and don’t engage in any strenuous activities. Doing this can affect your wounds and even reopen them. If this happens, you’ll be forced to stay in bed for a longer period, and the recovery days will be longer. Worse still, you risk losing a lot of blood and suffer severe complications.

4. Understand bra rules!

Talk to your doctor about what to wear and what to avoid. Not following the instructions can alter the appearance of your breasts and ruin the entire procedure. For instance, if you underwent breast implant surgery, you’ll need a specially fitted bra. It will help center your implants properly and avoid rapid descent.

The bottom line

Breast surgery is like any other medical operation, and you should give yourself time to recover fully. Visit your surgeon regularly and discuss the best ways to expedite the healing process. Moreover, eat a balanced diet to boost your immunity and stay in perfect health.

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