An overview about liver transplant surgery

An overview about liver transplant surgery


The chances of successful outcomes in case of liver transplants hospitals in India are on the higher side. During this procedure the damaged or deceased liver of an individual is being replaced with a healthy one. You need to be aware that liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. In fact you cannot go on to live without it. The liver is responsible for performing a host of critical functions for the human body. With liver transplant it does provide the only cure for liver inefficiency because there is no machine in the world that can go on to match the functions of a liver. There are a couple of conditions where you might need a liver transplant.

Acute liver failure where your healthy liver is prone to some form of defects. This would lead to a liver inefficiency in the first place. There could be no specific reason for acute liver failure but it could emerge from infections, that are viral in nature. You will find that the skin colour tends to yellow and then appears to be confusion. On the other hand chronic liver injury would be scarring of it. The liver has the ability to respond to any form of injury.

The livers are normally obtained from donors who happen to be brain dead. It could arise from a stroke or a trauma which might have left a patient injury more prone for the rest of their life. With the trauma the brain would have stopped to function, but the other organs including the liver would be functioning in a normal manner. Apart from the brain function there are strict parameters on which you can refer to as brain dead. In relation to the operating procedure it has to take place within the hospital itself. Once you take out the organ it is optimized and stored so that it can be put to maximum use. They are then transported to the hospital as per the needs of patients.

The general case is that you are going to have a signal liver and you cannot live without it. But the chances are that you can donate the liver to another person. Here the surgeons are in a position to develop grafts of varied sizes. It does depend upon the requirement of the liver tissue. Most often than not a partial liver transplant is undertaken and this tends to benefit both the donor along with the receiving person. The basic philosophy of this procedure was to encourage liver transplant in kids, as it was very difficult in order to find suitable candidate for this group. Though in the years to come this process of transplant has even gone on to extend to adults as well. But a point to consider is that it does pose a risk to both the donor along with the recipient. The entire process happens to be a risky and pose a lot of challenges as well.

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