Hemp Oil and its Health Benefits

Hemp Oil and its Health Benefits

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A CBD tincture is basically a dietary supplement that is available in a liquid form which has very strong cannabidiol content. Tinctures are prepared by soaking hemp flowers that are rich in CBD in high-proof grain alcohol and then cooked over a low heat for several hours. Instead of alcohol, you can also use glycerin or vinegar for soaking. But at the end, that does not produce the best results. The process may be time-consuming, but very simple. Once the liquid is prepared, it’s usually mixed with a sweet tasting carrier oil which can be either peppermint or orange. If not mixed with this sweet carrier oil, it will taste very bitter. The final product is normally very strong and contains a very high amount of CBD and only around 0.3% of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). One thing you should keep in mind is a CBD tincture varies a lot from a cannabis tincture. A cannabis tincture contains all the cannabinoids including THC. Moreover, a CBD tincture will not get you high like the cannabis tincture.

Benefits of hemp oil tincture

Cannabidiol, which is commonly referred to as CBD, is a star tincture formula product of the 43 CBD Solutions. CBD is the chief cannabinoid that is derived from their industrial hemp varieties and is similar to THC – the psychoactive compound which is normally found in the varieties of marijuana. Practically, CBD differs from THC in a number of ways. The most notable difference is, CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects like that of THC. CBD is gaining huge popularity and has become an essential part of the mainstream medicine that can treat a variety of ailments and conditions. The CBD tinctures offer a huge range of health benefits. It’s rich in Gamma-Linolenic acid and Omega-3, both of which are fatty acids that have a long list of benefits. The former is one of the most potent Omega-6 fatty acid that has abundance of anti-inflammatory properties. While the latter, when taken in high dosage, can boost the effectiveness of the anti-inflammatory properties of the medication that you’re already on. This healthy fatty acid also helps in lowering the triglyceride levels and save you from the risk of heart disease. This tincture also works as an excellent source of healthy fat and protein and thus, can be easily included as a dietary supplement.

The CBD tincture

The hemp at43 CBD Solutions is grown by using natural farm practices and is pesticide free as well as a non-GMO. Though the CBD tinctures available with them are of exceptionally high quality but they are fairly priced. You can also try their range of flavored tincture blends that include essential oils like cinnamon and peppermint to enhance the taste and give you a relaxing effect. The tinctures are created by carefully blending full spectrum hemp oil with organic hemp seed oil. Apparently, they may appear the same, but each is derived from a different variety of variety. When you combine these two oils, it gives rise to a powerful blend of oil that has multi-purpose use.

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