How to follow a workout regimen after losing weight surgically?

How to follow a workout regimen after losing weight surgically?

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Exercise is suggested for obtaining success in the weight loss journey. Build up and keep a constant workout regimen for strengthening your bones and heart, develop muscles, raise your metabolic rate, and burn calories. Additionally, daily exercising can help in improving your mood and reduce stress.

Walking is a great activity that you could start right away following your surgery. At first, walk for about 10 minutes a day at a pretty quick speed. Augment your walking by one minute each day. Exercising for at least half an hour a day is enough.

Keep in mind that exercise requires raising your heart rate. Also, it is suggested to include strength training to build and uphold muscle mass when toning your body, but don’t begin strength training at least 6 weeks following the surgery.

It is necessary to let your surgical cuts heal. Remember that you might not reduce weight if you are not working out. Visit the top and most experienced Mexico weight loss surgeons to know in-depth about working out after a weight loss surgery.

How to develop a workout regimen?

1.      Look for a workout partner. You are more likely to follow your workout regimen if somebody else relies on you to be their workout partner.

2.      Take stairs rather than elevators whenever possible.

3.      Listen to motivational songs when performing exercises.

4.      Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to feel relaxed when exercising.

5.      Park your vehicle as distant from your location as possible and walk.

6.      If you own a dog, take your dog out for a walk daily.

Bodybuilding after gastric sleeve surgery

Right after your gastric sleeve, you would most probably be asked to refrain from strenuous exercises for 4 to 6 weeks. Following that period, you could generally start working out after getting permission from your surgeon.

Start exercising by using lighter weights or doing body resistance exercises that you could perform for at least one set or 8 to 12 repetitions each.

Exercise on every muscle of your body, counting arms, shoulders, legs, hips, and back. You might be feeling weak in the beginning as you would be on a clear diet for some weeks following your surgery. Try not to perform intense exercises for the first 2 weeks and stop exercising as you get exhausted or faint.

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