Ovarian Cancer: The worst fate for a woman

Ovarian Cancer: The worst fate for a woman


Ovary and the reproductive system

Reproduction is one of the most important feature of the animals. Most of the animals present in this universe reproduces in mainly two ways that is the sexual reproduction and reproduction by laying eggs. Birds, reptiles, amphibians and many more do the same that is by laying egg to give birth to their young ones. Whereas the human and mainly the mammals reproduces with the help of the sexual reproduction. The process of sexual reproduction is very much interactive and it involves the interaction of both the male and the females. The people that is the male and the female during the course of the sexual reproduction share the genetic material between themselves which performs a series of reaction to get adhered in the woman’s body and thus they get developed to form a multi-cellular as well as multi-organellar baby. The genetic material that the male and the female share is called the gamete. The mal gamete is called as the sperm and the female gamete is called as the ovum. The ovum is present in the ovary where all the reaction occurs. Thus ovary is one of the organs of the female reproductive system rather it is a gland where the female reproductive cells are produced. It is present beside the uterus held by a membrane and it is two in number for each female.

The ovarian cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases faced by a doctor. From its diagnosis to the treatment, cancer is very much tough to solve and also most of the cases the patients die as there is no particular treatment of cancer and till now the disease in its full effect is very much incurable and also very much fatal in most of the cases. The problem behind cancer is that is primarily a genetic disease and its activation is mainly done because of the activation of the gene. When the gene gets activated the symptoms starts appearing and the disease is in full flow. On the other hand apart from the genetic background it has other functions too. Cancer has got different types on the basis of which it is effecting the organs and the site of the body. Ovarian cancer is very much common for the woman these days and the fate of those cases are not at all good. It happens when the unwanted cell of the ovary starts growing and undergoes an abnormal cell division. And also spreads to other parts of the body because of the phenomena of metastasis.

Function of the ovary

The ovary is very much important for a woman as it is the main site for the production of the ova the female genetic material. It is also called as the eggs. It is also the site for the estrogen and the progesterone, important hormones of the female body.


Early diagnosis of the ovarian cancer is very much effective as the disease could be very much dismissed from the root.


When diagnosed in the later stage cost of ovarian cancer treatment in India becomes high as surgery of the ovary requires a lot of other aspect to maintain.

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