What Are The Facts About Subluxation

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The term subluxation of the spine is often bandied about among chiropractors. Unfortunately, you would fail to understand its meaning especially if you happen to be a layperson who does not have much to do with cure and diseases. Sure, you do not have to go out of your way to learn about it either until you face the problem yourself.

What is it?

Finding yourself in pain and unable to use your spine properly may indicate a severe condition occurring from a faulty alignment of the vertebrae. This is likely to interfere with the basic functioning of your body with the nerves in and around the misaligned vertebrae being subjected to intense irritation. There are many factors responsible for it through with physical, mental and even chemical causes leading to stress. The best way to find redemption would be to look towards a qualified chiropractor for subluxation treatment plans, however. The objective of the practitioner is simple enough, i.e. removing the cause of stress and pain thereby restoring full function of the spine.

Are you a victim of subluxation?

Well, you may have been experiencing persistent pain in a particular region of your back that is restraining movement to a degree. Does that mean that you are suffering from subluxation? The answer cannot be given to you in a single word as you would have to visit the best chiropractor in your vicinity and get yourself examined meticulously. You would be astonished to know that the early stages of subluxation will pose no problems so that you remain unaware of the problem until and unless it begins to creep up on you. The right way to avoid being indisposed would be to contact a chiropractor especially when you have been under physical or mental stress and strain lately.

What symptoms are likely to surface?

While there may be no apparent symptoms at the onset of the problem, you might experience a few of the following issues or all of them simultaneously:-

  • Pain in the neck & Back
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Being unable to balance the body properly
  • Experiencing involuntary muscular spasms
  • Difficulty in moving your extremities
  • A tingling feeling in your legs and arms
  • Feeling listless
  • Experiencing joint pain

Why do you need chiropractic intervention?

Visiting a physician or an orthopedic may not always be useful. You do have to visit the specialist in this case, and that is a trained and experienced healer associated with Matthews Family Chiropractic Center.  The team of chiropractors at the clinic are well educated and fully trained to treat subluxations.  The professional would be able to make adjustments to your spine manually at first or with the aid of a simple device akin to a reflex hammer.  The concerned chiropractor will be quick in his actions and will not allow you to be apprehensive as he applies pressure to eliminate the subluxation thereby reducing the associated pain and freeing the joint to attain flexibility and full function.

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