5 Valuable Things To Know About How Much Hemp Seed Oil Per Day


Hemp seed oil is an oil extracted from cannabinoid hemp plants. The oil is helpful in treating the body by alleviating pain, seizures, stress, or discomfort. Hemp seed oil is more effective than other oils from cannabinoid plants because it does not contain THC, which can make seizures and anxiety worse. Hemp seed requires a certain number of drops per day to be effective. The following are 5 valuable things to know about how much hemp seed oil per day you should be taking.

Always Shake the Bottle Well

The first thing you should always do before taking your hemp seed oil is to shake the bottle before you use it. This is to evenly distribute the hemp seed oil throughout the bottle. Sometimes the oil can settle on the bottom of the bottle. When that happens the dosage won’t be as strong. So remember to always shake up your bottle.

Dose According to Your Needs

Dosing the hemp seed oil correctly allows you to be treated properly with it. Generally, try the least amount of drops for what ails you at first. It’s usually recommended to go with about three drops during the morning and evening to treat mild pain, anxiety, and sleep problems. It’s recommended to use typically three to four drops in the morning, afternoon, and evening if you are suffering from seizures and are using the drops to treat it.

More Drops Will be Stronger

The more drops you take, the stronger the effects of the product will be. Hemp oil drops work differently for everyone, so you will have to figure out what the right amount is for your needs. If you find that the recommended amount isn’t enough for you, you can take a drop more to test out. Or you can take it one more time during the day.

No Fears For Overdosing

How much hemp seed oil per day that you take will never result in an overdose. You do not need to worry about overdosing on it the way you have to worry about overdosing on opioids. There are opioid receptors in the body and there are no cannabinoid receptors in the body. You still don’t want to take too much hemp oil so you don’t burn through your supply too quickly!

How to Properly Administer the Right Dosage of Hemp Oil

Once you find the right dosage for your needs, you still need to administer the hemp oil appropriately. You need to fill the dropper completely for a full drop. Drip the oil under your tongue. Drip the other drops that you need under your tongue. Let it stay under your tongue for a few minutes. Or you can swish the oil in your mouth. After waiting, go ahead and swallow the oil.

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