Building a Better Morning Routine with Samantha Clayton

Building a Better Morning Routine with Samantha Clayton

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The best people in the world to tell us how to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle are those who are at the peak of their performance. After all, they have done everything they are recommending for you to do. Just ask Samantha Clayton.

Clayton represented England in the 2000 Olympic Games as a sprinter. She is a top-notch athlete, and she has continued to work on her body to this day, staying in great shape. She is a mother of four, and she is also a certified personal trainer. In other words, she does not take a day off when it comes to her health.

Focusing on Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s the meal that sets the tone for the rest of your day in a lot of ways. Eat a solid breakfast, and you might just set yourself up for success. Fail to do so, and you may find that you have laggard results.

Samantha turns to Herbalife products to help fuel her breakfast and make sure each day is as productive as can be. She believes in the health and beauty of the company because it’s been around so long and proved that it has the reputation necessary to stay in this ultra-competitive business. She has seen how Herbalife has worked to refine its products to suit the needs of active people, such as herself, and she does not take for granted all of the hard work that they do to make this happen.

Exercise Should Be Part of Your Routine As Well

You wouldn’t expect an Olympic sprinter to tell you that exercise was not important, would you? Samantha Clayton believes that we should all try to start our day off with a workout. She says you need to set your alarm about 30 minutes earlier than you usually would and try to get some exercise into your day. You do this at the beginning of a few mornings, and it starts to become natural in your routine.

Some people prefer to workout with others, and that can be a great option. Perhaps ask a co-worker or a friend to join you on some morning jogs or a similar type of physical activity to get your blood pumping and set your day off on the right path. That is the critical element that Clayton believes cannot be missed in all of this.

Thoughts to Put into Your Mind Immediately

Clayton says that you simply cannot wait to get started. The best time to start building the new you is right now. You have every excuse in the world sitting in your mind at this moment, but you must banish those thoughts as they are not productive. You deserve to start building up the you that you want to be, and that is what you should be doing today.

You should try to have some realistic goals for what you want out of your morning routine, and you should avoid comparing yourself to other people. You are not in competition with other people—you compete with yourself. The more you strive towards a better you, the more results you are likely to see. Constant comparison to others only makes us discouraged, and that leads nowhere good. Consider these things, and think of how you might mold your whole morning routine into something new and different.

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