Correct Your Asymmetrical Breasts With Cosmetic Surgeries

Correct Your Asymmetrical Breasts With Cosmetic Surgeries


Many women have asymmetrical breasts, which means that the one breast is in some way different than the other. Around 80% of women have in some level asymmetrical breasts, but that is usually normal and barely noticeable.  Women’s breasts can be much more asymmetrical and that can affect their confidence. They avoid to wear certain type of clothing and feel insecure.

The correction of breast asymmetry will regain woman’s confidence and boost her self- esteem, which will make the person much happier. The procedure can be done in specialized clinics such as Breast & Body Clinic, where you can get all the information you need, or get an evaluation from the specialist.

What causes asymmetrical breasts?

Hormonal changes usually lead to asymmetrical breasts, but also some health issues such as Poland Syndrome. This syndrome is a condition where one side of the person’s body has underdeveloped muscles or they are missing. Some specialists think that this appears due to insufficient blood supply to that body part while the person is still a baby in the womb.

Breast can be asymmetrical naturally or due to some condition

Health issues, for example, cancer, can lead to the surgery where one breast has to be removed, can be fixed with breast reconstruction surgery. During this surgery, the surgeon will reshape your breast using an implant or some other tissue from your body to shape the new breast which will look similar to your other breast.

How does breast asymmetric procedure look like?

Because, there are variations in breast asymmetry, breast symmetry Surgery according to Breast & Body Clinic can include different types of breast procedures.

Breast augmentation will increase your smaller breast with the implant, to even it with your bigger breast. But of course, you can increase the size of both of your breasts with this procedure.

Surgery will make your breasts beautiful

Breast reduction procedure will make your breast smaller and if one of your breasts is bigger than the other, that will be fixed by removing more tissue from that breast.

Breast uplift surgery will correct sagging breasts to look younger by lifting them up and placing nipples in the center. Here asymmetry appears because one breast is limper than the other, and this procedure will fix that.

Areola reduction

Some women have large areolas that can make breasts look asymmetrical. Areola reduction procedure will resize your areolas one both of your breasts or just one to make your breasts look symmetrical.


How long will your recovery last, it depends on the surgery you had. Usually around a week or two is enough for the body to heal enough so you can return to your job and everyday activities, but for some serious exercises, you should wait a few weeks more and consult with your doctor.

Final word

Feeling great in your skin is something that everybody wants. You can achieve that with these procedures, which will make these changes last long so you don’t have to worry about breast asymmetry anymore.

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