Food Diet Before and After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Food Diet Before and After Gastric Bypass Surgery

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What is Gastric Bypass Diet?

Gastric Bypass surgery is a life-saving surgery in which you lose weight, your co-morbidities, and you feel better. A gastric bypass diet is a diet that helps people who are recovering from different gastric bypass procedures like sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass to heal or change their eating habits. And it’s important to know what should be your diet after gastric bypass for successful long-time results.

Gastric Bypass Diet Plan: What to eat Before and After the Surgery

Before undergoing gastric bypass surgery, you have to be ready for your particular diet pre and post-surgery to reduce the risks that can arise during the surgery or after the surgery. Before planning for the surgery, look for the best gastric bypass in Tijuana or anywhere worldwide by consulting different doctors.

  • Diet Before Surgery
  • Eliminate the amount of saturated fats, including milk products, fatty meat, and fried food.

  • Reduce the intake or minimize consuming carbohydrates, sugars, and fatty acids.

  • Try to have food in a portion control manner.

  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages.

  • Take multi-vitamins

  • Consume as much protein you can in the form of protein shakes or protein powder
  • Diet After the Surgery
  • During stage I, after the surgery for some time, only stay on a Liquid diet. Decaffeinated coffee or tea, skimmed milk, thin soup and broth, sugar-free ice pops, etc. 
  • During Stage II, If your doctor is satisfied with your progress, you move to this stage where you can have a pureed diet with a little thick consistency. Avoid spices in the pureed diet. You can have applesauce, banana pudding, spinach, yogurt, or scrambled eggs. 
  • Stage III includes a soft food diet. It time to have those food items which are easy to chew and digest. For example, boiled eggs, baked or steamed fish or meat, canned fruits such as pear or peaches.
  • Stage IV comes after two months of gastric bypass surgery, where you finally introduce a solid food diet. It would be best if you still took small bites or portions to avoid blockage or vomiting. Prefer not to take a heavy food diet, which will cause you abdominal discomfort.

Almost after four months of gastric bypass surgery, you can access all types of food usually. However, you still have to exercise portion control. And make sure you include fruits, vegetables, and proteins in your diet. Before undergoing any treatment, consult different doctors or surgeons of gastric bypass in Tijuana on the internet or visit the clinics.

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