Melanotan 2

For What Purpose Melanotan 2 Is?


Melanotrophin peptide is famous by the name ‘Melanotan peptide’ which is similar to Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. It is manufactured to cure the skin related disorders like to tan on darkening the skin.

Difference Between Melanotan 1And Melanotan 2

The new peptide that is Melanotan 2 contains the ring of amino acids whereas Melanotan 1 has a linear style. Melanotan 2 differs from Melanotan 1 in terms of size, effect and target area. Also, the working time of Melanotan 2 is faster than Melanotan 1. Since it is designed to solve a different purpose specially made for sun-damaged skin cells while Melanotan 1 is meant for full skin cure.

Both Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2 can be differentiated in terms of darkening pigmentation of skin to enhance the colour, though both of them are well-tested peptide it is been observed that result of Melanotan are faster, on the other hand, it has more side effects than Melanotan 1. These are different from each other in terms of dosage Melanotan 1 is taken 1 mg as per recommendation to beginners, whereas Melanotan2  is just 0.25 mg on a daily basis.

How Does It Work?

The actual science before its working in our body is easy to understand. Our skin contains a pigment known as Melanin- which is a dark pigment that provides protection from the ultraviolet (UV) rays. For that, Melanotan 1 and melanotan 2 are responsible for increasing the production of Melanin pigment in the body as these medicines stimulate peptide hormone that is Alpha-MSH.

Exposure of ultraviolet (UV) light increases the level of Alpha-MSH which in return increase the level of Melanin in the skin the more the Melanin is produced in the skin, the faster the skin appearance gets darker. It is generally recommended to those who would like to get a golden tan without being much exposure to Sun.

Step by Step Guide of Usage of Melanotan 2

It is really important to cover the various steps to be taken for those who are beginners because omission of which may lead to an unexpected danger.

  • Injecting

There two ways of injecting melanotan 2 in one’s body that is is subcutaneous and intramuscular. It depends on the person on which site he or she prefers. After injecting it gets evenly distributed in the whole body through the bloodstream.

  • Dosage

For a beginner, it is recommended to use 0.25 mg of Melanotan 2 on a daily basis. Since it’s faster to react and has more side effects with the increase in dose it may lead to danger like flush in face, mild nausea. So use it when it should be well prescribed by someone.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Rays Exposure

Melanotan 2 not a complete sunless tanner. Even after using it you need the exposure of sunlight without which your skin will not be tanned. Some people report that they get the tanned only by taking Melanotan 2 which is completely wrong and even arguable.

Without exposure to UV light one’s skin can never be tanned.

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