The Pregnancy and its effects for 9 long months

The Pregnancy and its effects for 9 long months

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The human beings

There are a lot of life forms present on this earth and the mammals are the best rather advanced among all of them. And among the huge population of the mammals the human beings are the best of the lot. It is said that the human beings are the most advanced life form present in this this universe. And there are a lot of properties which definitely justifies human beings to be the advanced of all life forms. The processes and the other characteristics are the characteristics of this advancement. They are the only life forms in this universe which has the capability of thinking as well as analyzing for every single matter in this world. And the utilization of the brain in the moist innovative way, which no other life forms are able to do like them. This is the most important characteristic of all. On the other hand this human beings produce their young one. The process is called as the sexual reproduction, where both the male and the female exchange their sexual materials and the sexual gametes for the starting of a reaction which will in time culminate in to a small fully developed baby. The process is one of the most complex of all the human phenomena and also it is one of the most beautiful of all.

Sexual Reproduction and Pregnancy

The result of the sexual reproduction is the pregnancy that is experienced by the human females only and is certainly unavailable to the males. Although with both them in participation a woman gets pregnant with a beautiful child in her womb. This child grows and develops for about nine months and also they cause a lot of changes in the mother’s body during their stays. These changes are very much characteristic as they are very much needed for the woman to get through this phase of pregnancy. Thus for these changes every woman suffers a lot in every time. Still they are very much eager to get to see their baby for the first time. Such is the beauty of the relation between the mother and the child. Talking about the changes, they mainly occurs due to the change in the physical organization as well as the hormonal changes and also the over secretion of it in the woman’s body thus helping the body to get through in this phase and also in some cases the woman’s body becomes very much vulnerable too because of this changes. Thus it is very much a ride with lot of problem culminating in a very beautiful fate.


In this time each and every woman remains very much anxious as they tend to care for their child and also care for its well-being in particular. Over anxiety can be very much harmful in this condition for a woman. Pregnancy week by week pictures will be very much helpful to them so that their anxiety reduces.


Other websites are also present where stories of other woman’s are present which will help them to get to know what will happen in the next time and also be prepared for that.

Pregnancy Calculator

In the market you can find pregnancy day’s calculator in which each and the every occurring’s along with their time is given which will be highly helpful for the lady’s undergoing pregnancy.

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