The essential nutrients you must intake when pregnant


It is rightly remarked that what you eat finally becomes you. Even if you consume a very nutritious diet, you have to make certain dietary changes when you are pregnant. You may have to add certain things to your diet or remove little from the food. But, whatever changes you make to the diet ultimate benefits your health and your baby’s health. If you are looking for pregnancy tips Hindi, you may refer to the online portal. Here you will find the list of nutrients you should consume when pregnant.

Vitamin D is essential

To allow cellular growth of the baby, you have to consume more of Vitamin D. It can optimize immunity system of the developing fetus and regulate the blood pressure of pregnant woman. Sunlight is also a fabulous source of Vitamin D.

Iron is needed to make more hemoglobin

When you conceive, blood increases in the body and so you need to intake iron supplements to maintain hemoglobin. In the 2nd and 3rd trimester, more and more hemoglobin is required. More iron in the blood will enable the growth of placenta and the baby. Some of the best sources of hemoglobin and iron are kidney beans, tuna and lentils.

Folic acid or Vitamin B9

Folic acid or Vitamin B9 is important when you conceive. It prevents the baby from having any neural tube defect. Folic Acid is also important when it comes to the development of DNA. It helps in tissue and cell formation. Certain foods are rich in folic acid such as dried beans, spinach, broccoli, okra, juice and citrus fruits.

Calcium supplement

For the bone development of the baby, calcium supplement is must. Calcium is needed for the growth and initiation of bones. Some of the rich sources of calcium are soy milk, lactose-free milk, sesame seeds, salmon fish, milk yogurt and rice drink.

Eat food rich in protein

Protein is the very structural element of the body and also of the baby’s body. Organ tissue grows when millions of proteins come together and combine. It is important to eat more of milk, eggs and cheese when you are pregnant.

Vitamin B6 to reduce nausea

When you become pregnant, taking Vitamin B6 is important. It will reduce nausea in women in the earliest trimester. It reduces the probability of pre-mature births. Fish, meat and poultry products are great sources of Vitamin B6.

Vitamin B12 helps in the formation of RBC

The formation of RBC or Red Blood Cells is initiated by Vitamin B12. When you are pregnant, you need to intake more of Vitamin B12 for proper synthesis of DNA, formation of Red Blood Cells. It is also needed for proper functioning of neurological functioning. Breakfast cereals are a great source of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is also present in breastmilk.

Vitamin C is necessary

Vitamin C helps in the proper absorption of iron from the blood.

Essential fats

To stay energetic and do away with nausea, it is important to consume fats. Fats help in proper development of nervous system of the baby.

Carbohydrate to fuel up the body

Carbs are basically sugars that fuel up the body or energize it. Carbs play crucial role in blood clotting as well.

So, if you consume all the above mentioned essential vitamins, you will give birth to healthy baby. To find more tips for pregnant women in Hindi, look online.

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