How to handle your food addiction?

How to handle your food addiction?


Addiction doesn’t all the time need to entail an addictive drug or substance. It can entail extreme behaviour, for example, compulsive eating. As scientific research in the field of food addiction is yet in the starting stages, many professionals think that food addiction actually is not about food.

Unlike chemical substances, foods don’t comprise addictive properties that make a person reliant on them. Addiction to food has a lot to do with how someone behaves around food and what he or she thinks about food.

How does food addiction work?

Many studies have shown that foods high in fat and sugar affect the brain, just like drugs. These kinds of foods affect neurotransmitters like dopamine in the brain. Eating such foods can make you feel good for a short period and crave more.

The foods highly rich in refined sugar, salt, wheat, or an industry-developed blend of all three components to make a highly edible food are the most problematic while it comes to addiction. Read below to know how to self control food addiction.

How to control food addiction?

Here are some ways of dealing with food addiction:

1.      Take out sugar and artificial sweeteners from your diet

You might never be able to eat unhealthy food like a normal individual for a second time. But after you quit addictive foods, you feel craving; the cravings will gradually fade away.

2.      Know your triggers

You should know the feelings, foods, and places that’ll trigger a relapse. You must have a plan ready for what you’ll do every time a craving occurs.

Moreover, you might need to alter your routine; perhaps you take a different path to work to stop driving by the bakery you stop at daily.

3.      Get help

Procure the assistance of your family, friends, or counsellor. If you need to get past food cravings, you’ll want people to talk to and assist you as you change your behaviours, day-to-day routine, and thought processes.

4.      Stick to an organized diet plan

Someone suffering from food addiction can get on the right path to revive by sticking to a diet plan and normal eating practice. This aids the person to set secure boundaries with food and feel pleased so that there’s no physical want to eat. It is much more enticing to get uncontrolled with food while there is a physical deficiency.

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