Prevention and treatment for neck pain

Prevention and treatment for neck pain

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Do you often sensepain at the back of the neck? The neck is believed as an essential body part as it saves main blood vessels and nerves. It contains numerous muscles, ligaments, and bones that support the head’s weight and joins it to the spine. The flexibility of the neck and its delicate anatomy makes it prone to pain. Now let us understand the causes of neck pain and what to do for severe neck pain.

Meet with a licensed orthopedic spine surgeon if you are anxious about your neck pain in Atlanta.

Below we have listed some general causes of neck pain:

  1. Bad sleeping posture

If you have been sleeping in a bad posture, you may wake up with stiff neck muscles resulting in discomfort to spread out to the back and shoulders. For preventing a bad sleeping posture, give yourself a good support cushion that would keep your neck straight while you are lying down.

  1. Muscle spasm

You may face difficulty in turning your head in either direction. The culprit behind this can be neck spasms. It can occur due to neck injury, stress, overexertion, wrong position, or electrolyte imbalance. In many instances, rest and pain medicines must be enough, and the neck spasm would disperse in a few days. It is good to see a spine specialist for a proper diagnosis if it lasts for a week or many days. Seek the best clinic of pain management Atlanta to find relief.

  1. Whiplash

Whiplash occurs due to a car accident. It is also known as neck strain or neck sprain. The injury occurs when the head is jotted backward or forward with such a force that it hurts the neck’s structures. The effects of whiplash in some patients are not visible until a few hours or days after the accident. For the cure of whiplash, patients must have pain medicines, rest or lower the intensity of physical tasks, and perhaps go through physical therapy.

How to prevent neck pain?

  • Sitting and moving in the correct manner might help lessen the possibility of neck pain in Atlanta.
  • Regular stretching of the neck muscles is crucial. You can do this by performing small head rolls and leaning your head from one side to another.
  • Doing regular neck exercises can help in preventing neck pain.
  • While sleeping, always use a neck support cushion.

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