Why Do Visually Impaired Individuals Wear Sunglasses

Why Do Visually Impaired Individuals Wear Sunglasses


From style preferences to Ultraviolet protection, blind individuals use sunglasses for a lot of the same reasons as people who can see. For instance, visually impaired or blind individuals may choose to wear eyepieces to minimize brightness, reduce their chances of getting eye-related disorders, improve vision, or help them shield their eyes from harmful sun’s UV rays. Let us take a closer look at some reasons why blind or visually impaired individuals need to or are wearing glasses.

Ultraviolet protection

Whether people have 20/20 vision or are considered legally blind, eyewear is needed if they want to spend a lot of time under the sun. Ling exposure to UV light can be very damaging to the unprotected eyes and links to a lot of eye problems like photokeratitis, pterygia, pingueculae, and macular degeneration. Since a lot of blind people have little to no ability to perceive bright lights, it is very important for them to always wear sunglasses before going outside their houses.

Check out https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/799025-overview to know more about UV photokeratitis.

Improve vision

In contradiction to popular belief, a lot of individuals with impaired vision are not totally blind. As a matter of fact, the term visual impairment describes a wide range of eye disabilities, from limited sight to 100% blindness. According to experts, more or less, 85% of all people who are visually impaired can see a little bit; whereas, only around 15% have total blindness. For individuals with problems in their eyesight, sunglasses can help minimize light intensity.

It makes it a lot easier for disabled people to make out shadows and shapes. It is also prevalent for peeps with this kind of disability to experiencing tunnel vision or peripheral vision loss. Sunglasses minimize glare, thereby helping them improve to their range of sight.

Protect eyes from injury and contamination

A lot of individuals who have this kind of disability wear eyepieces both inside and outside their houses to add extra protection against small physical dangers. Since it is impossible or pretty tricky for them to see and turn away or even shield their eyes from possible dangers like low-hanging branches or wind debris, they wear glasses to help them keep their eyes safe. Like safety eyepieces for hazardous work or sports environments, eyepieces like Dita glasses can provide effective barriers to help prevent visually impaired peeps from getting poked or hit in the eye.

Do visually impaired individuals wear specially-designed sunglasses?

It is not unusual for legally blind people to wear Plano or non-prescription sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays and debris, but others may need something more specific. For instance, these disabilities may require eyepieces that can help filter out certain colors of light. And again, not all blind peeps are 100% sightless; some may use prescription sunglasses to help them enhance the little sight they still have.

Some specialists or professionals offer the latest digital devices and visual aids to people suffering from low vision and help them maximize their eyesight. So while vision needs will differ depending on the individual, it is very important to remember that visually impaired people wear eyepieces for the same reason as the sighted: to keep their eyes comfortable and safe.

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