Tips to Avoid Knee Pain While Running

Tips to Avoid Knee Pain While Running

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There are reasons why knee pain happens while you are running or after you have done a circuit. It is a pretty high number if you check runners who have joint pain in the knee. Here are a few ways to help you in maintaining your running. This would also ensure that your knees do not go through a lot of trouble. It would also help you in increasing and improving your running speed.

  • Avoiding Heel Striking: When you are swinging your legs, make sure that you swing them rearward and not forward as it might increase joint pain in the knee. When, for example, you are cycling or running and putting a brake with every foot strike, it could harm your knees.

Not only that, but it can cause you not being able to run as fast as possible and might even stop you permanently from doing anything. You should lean away from your ankles, and allow your stride to open at the back. Allow your feet to fall beneath than letting it fall forward.

  • Try Not to Lift your Knees While Running: This could be great advice for people who are sprinters. But as runners, it could harm you. Lifting your feet would make you hit the ground in front of our bodies. This would cause you to put more pressure lead to problems that may require you to seek joint pain treatment. Let your knees swing low. At the end of the stride, let the heels float up behind you. You should always keep your heels up and knees down.
  • Keep the Knees Soft and Bent: Often runners over-stride and to keep their knees straight. This would create an impact on your heels and knees, and that is when you require remedies for joint pain. Putting a brake while taking your foot forward puts a lot of pressure on your knee caps. This could stop you from running after some time as it might damage the knee area. When trying to land, keep in mind to land in a midfoot strike.
  • Do not Rely on Cushion Shoes: Cushion shoes may not help you on how to cure joint pain. It is always better if you would fix a running problem from the inside rather than the outside. Rather than relying on cushioned shoes, you should practice the right posture.

These are some of the ways to ensure that you keep on running for a longer period. If necessary, contact a sports fitness instructor or physiotherapist who would be able to help you.

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