Top 7 Easy Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home with Balloons

Top 7 Easy Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home with Balloons


For most of us our Birthday is the most special day of our life. A person starts waiting for his birthday the very next day of his last birthday. Everyone wants to make the most of their birthdays and seize the day by making it the best day of the whole year. And as the birthday knocks it calls for celebrations, parties and get together. But, what about decorations? You got it right, if you say BALLOONS. Balloon is the most fun and easiest way to get a birthday party decor.

Check out these easy birthday decorations ideas at home with balloons:

  1. Balloon Garden

The area from where the birthday Boy/Girl enters should take the centre stage. Wouldn’t it be great if you make a lawn of inflated balloons at the entrance of your house, let your garden be small or big it would look beautiful. The birthday celebration can also be planned in your backyard and hundreds of inflated balloons can be laid on the floor making it floor covered with balloons, one can hop on it and jump on it. By not keeping the floor visible you can have a feeling of walking over the clouds.

  1. Rainbow Party

Rainbows and Unicorns are girl’s new best friends. One can have a theme based party of Rainbow and decor of VIBGYOR colours. To make a rainbow with the help of balloons, colourful balloons all around the party areas can make up any one’s day. We have a long range of balloons like customized name balloons, rainbow colourful balloons, unicorn balloons, glitter balloons and so on. Birthday balloon delivery is also done along with customized birthday theme cakes. Now imagine your birthday with balloon made rainbows over your grass lanes or poolside, a unicorn theme cake and inflatable flamingo swimming ring. Isn’t it the perfect Birthday party idea?

  1. Photo Balloons

Because every picture tells a story…yes you heard it right, photos of your which hold priceless memories like happy, funny, embarrassing, loving, goofy, some silly fights can be pasted on or inside the balloons. This will make you go ride on a memory lane. With the gas balloons we can also hung the photos with ribbons and making it the most beautiful view in your room and giving best surprise to your loved one. The photos after the party can be recollected and added to your photo album, these photos will not just take you to the time when they were clicked but will make you recollect your birthday party moments.

  1. Balloons Ceiling

Gas balloons can cover the whole ceiling of the room, to make it more creative and attractive a specific colour has to be chosen it may be contrasting with your wall painting or it be the favourite coloured of your loved one. Not just on the ceiling the balloons can be pasted on one of the four walls to make it more decorative. Balloons can be hung on the ceiling with the twirled ribbons to put cherry on the cake.

  1. Confetti Balloons

They say add a little confetti to each day then why not on your birthday? Confetti Balloons on the ceiling and needles in your hands calls for the perfect birthday vibes. Nowadays there are various kinds of confetti like metallic confetti, paper confetti, rose petals, stars, hearts, birthday age numerical and golden leaves confetti. Birthday Balloons, wedding balloons, Home coming Balloons, graduating balloons, Balloon Delivery of all kinds of balloon is done by us.

  1. Balloon Walk

Photo booths are so in trend these days. Everyone wants to capture their best moments of their lives seal it in thing called photos. Selfies are also mandatory nowadays, so having a selfie corner as they say that is a photo booth is a must have on birthdays. You can have a wall decorated with balloons with a specific theme also you can have props like inflatable photo frames, sunglasses, moustache, party hat, cocktail glasses, champagne, some cartoon character and beach outfits anything of your choice.

  1. Glitter

It’s your birthday tomorrow and you’re stuck with decoration? We have an idea go for Glitter it never makes any day dull. So now, if question is Glitter the answer is yes. It can make even a mundane Monday sparkle so when talking about birthday it’s surely going to lit up your birthday. How about having a Glitter theme birthday Party? Glitter balloons, Glitter cake, Glittery dress, silver or golden macrons and of course glittery champagne glasses. Have a glittery birthday fellas or you can make your event extra special with us.

With all these ideas no wonder Balloons are the best way to lit up anyone’s birthday party. Balloons has so many pros for example they are even pocket friendly and easy enough to get Balloon Delivery of balloons of your choice. Have a colourful balloon party at any festivals and celebrations.

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